A special kind of saree for the special kind of woman

Women who wear sarees love the traditional garment for its timeless elegance and allure. The entirely draped garment paired with a constructed blouse, stands for a time-honoured fashion statement respected and beloved by South Asian communities spread worldwide. However today, the saree has returned to the style limelight in its contemporary incarnations with modern colour combinations, patterns and prints. Regardless of its reinvention, the saree remains an important element in the global fashion culture. The contemporary saree wearer is a woman who has a connection to this ever-evolving fashion culture, values heritage and modernity at the same time.

Responding to this global saree consumer, Sri Lanka’s newest fashion retail ventures present some amazing new designer pieces with modern, minimal styles and contemporary colour combinations. These sarees stand for today’s saree wearer whose style ideals are modern and parallel to global fashion trends and movements.

The designer sarees from Sri Lanka come in different fabrics which are often handcrafted in traditional techniques like batik and block printing, or handwoven by the island’s expert artisans. These traditional techniques are mixed in with the modern style sense which brings in statement colours, bold contrasts, ultra minimal looks and geometric patterns. They are presented as work sarees, evening or occasion wear sarees and even those crafted especially for weddings.

Online shopping for designer sarees  gives you access to these amazing ranges of contemporary sarees. Handcrafted in luxury artisanal techniques, in cottons or cotton-mixes, these wardrobe essentials are for the cultured, stylish and intellectual saree wearer of today.