The saree is the ultimate timeless ethnic wear that has been worn by women for centuries. This attire has not only withstood the test of time but has come up as one of the most fashionable apparel in modern times as well. Being extremely versatile apparel, it has been always open to innovations and modern influences which ultimately lead to the creation of trendy and stylish fashion designer sarees that are suitable for not only traditional occasions and ceremonies, but also for formal events and parties.

The online fashion retail venture Fashionmarket presents some amazing new designer pieces with modern, minimal styles and contemporary color combinations for special occasions and weddings. These sarees stand for today’s saree wearer whose style ideals are modern and parallel to global fashion trends and movements.

Island bride collection of sarees at fashionmarket are a combination of inspiration from the natural gem colors and colors inspired from fairies and angels living deep down in an enchanted forest. Getting inspired from color shades, reflections and shadows in gem stones, and having used metallic yarn and rayon brings out the textures and to give a nice drape these sarees were designed to suit a dressed up occasion.