Look Stunning with Latest Sarees

Saree has been a part of women’s attire ever since the Indus Valley Civilization. The earliest discovered depiction of saree is the statue of a lady from the same civilization. The word ‘saree’ evolved from the Prakrit sattika as mentioned in the Buddhist and Jain literature.

In ancient times, saree was woven out of silk and cotton material. It is stitched with one plain end, two long decorative border running parallel to one another and a one to three foot section that is decorated. This is called the pallu of the saree and is thrown over the shoulder.

This sounds like the attire is boring but innovations have been made in its manufacturing as well. One obvious question that can arise in everyone’s mind is why should women wear saree? Let me tell you, it adds to the beauty of a lady. She looks graceful and charming. Moreover, it is a piece of cloth covering your body the material of which is decided as per the location, season and time of the year.

Textile industries have continuously been bringing about change in sarees like they do with other garments. Though it is a single piece of cloth, but it has changed over the years. Modern day sarees are no more like what our grandmothers used to wear. But, tradition is preserved even today. Every state, country has its own style of wearing a saree. The design and manner of carrying it varies from place to place.

Saree is considered to be the traditional attire of Indians. In Northern India, ladies wear Chicken Saree, Tancholi, Shalu etc. South Indian style of saree is entirely opposite. The sarees they wear are called Pochampally, Chettinad, Mangalagiri, Gadwal etc. Whereas, in the eastern parts of India, saree patterns include, Jamdani, Katan Saree, Tangail Tanter Saree, Baluchari etc. Western part of the country is known for Paithani, Bandhani, Kota Doria, Lugade sarees.

Apart from these traditional blueprints, the garment industry has brought forth fresh designs, collections and techniques giving us ideas and options to chose from. The festive season is fast approaching. What can be better than getting your dream saree and dressing in traditional style? Will you not like it if the saree you chose makes a balance between your body and attire? Check out the latest saree fashion collection available online and order one today.