Sajeewani is a designer who focuses on creating a cool and understated luxury fashion experiences built on specialist textile. Sajeewani Seneviratne is a graduate of AOD and Northumbria University UK, and through her work for URBAN ISLAND she explores new lengths with the traditional textile art of handloom in collaboration with the local weaving communities. Sajeewani brings in a rich sense of textile based identity to the idea of ‘a new Sri Lankan style’ at URBAN ISLAND.

 As a designer, Sajeewani has gained experience in creating designer textiles for some of the biggest hotels, architects and interior designers across the island. At present her expert eye on curating textiles plays a key role in URBAN ISLAND’s Urban Drape collection each season.

 The SS17 by Sajeewani for URBAN ISLAND takes inspiration from the modern island lifestyle with strong parallels to modern new-hippie movement in fashion. Here, she uses soft drapes and striking colour combos on modern shapes adorned with gold sun prints to recreate the 70s glam feel with a contemporary twist.