It is indeed ironical that, while sarees are the quintessential women’s attire, most women shudder at the thought of wearing it daily to work. While some feel that they would not be comfortable enough in it, most others avoid it due to the uncertainty of choosing the wrong saree to wear for a workplace. When it comes to parties, weddings or even outings, choosing a saree is no big deal as one can completely follow her own choices and instincts. But when workplace ethics are concerned, certain things should be kept in mind when choosing your attire, and this applies not only to sarees but any kind of clothes or garment.

Contemporary or traditional, it is the entire look of a saree and you carry it with poise and decency that make a difference. Looking good while conforming to the limits of ‘modesty’, as laid down by the written or unwritten code of a particular professional front, is the trick. Summers should bring out all your pastel shades! In most office situations, it is also advisable to pin up your saree, though in such a way that it doesn’t show. When it’s work, the mantra is to dress smart and look good, while sticking to the guidelines!

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