We are an emerging global fashion destination with our own signature look. Built on a contemporary island style, this special look that makes Fashionmarket.lk captures the heart of our beautiful, sunlit island home Sri Lanka. We embrace everything it means to be alive in today’s world where ‘value’ stands for soul-enriching experiences. This means that our curated looks and incredible new collections are inspired by real life, street style, art and culture. Beyond that, we are also a worldwide platform for our carefully handpicked legion of fresh designers and brands, as well as the artisans that we work with; they are the creative power that drives us and we take immense pride in sharing their best with the world. As the heart of where authentic style tips, killer fashion and beautiful new identities meet, Fashionmarket.lk is also at the centre of a thriving fashion community who are the ambassadors of our new Sri Lankan style. Fashionmarket.lk is not your everyday fashion destination- it is where you find the style soulmates of dreamers, freedom-searchers and believers; it’s where a new Sri Lankan style, tailor made for the absolute now, meets the world. 


Presented as the resident brand of Fashionmarket.lk, Urban Island believes in its own truth with a style that embraces the clean freshness of modernity and our timeless fascination with the human touch. Set in a world where the digital sits side by side with a new appreciation for what is made by human hands, Urban Island presents beautifully designed and curated clothes that are handmade by village artisans. With Urban Island, traditional textile craftsmen and women discover support for their rural cottage industry craftsmanship, a sustained income and to ensure that skills are passed onto future generations. Our clothing capture what is important to us in our everyday life philosophy- style, craftsmanship and the irreplaceable beauty of the human touch. Reflecting this new vision, Urban Island clothing is modern, clean, natural and fresh – a kind of effortless, intelligent chic that just works.

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